"The Door's Not Shut On My Genius, But I Just Don't Have The Time"

K.B. Graser ventures into book publishing!

In an effort to share some of our adventures with sports car racing and travels, I have decided to design and publish some items which may be of interest to our readers. I've put some of the books descriptions below along with a link that can be used to purchase the books from Amazon. I will admit that I also get a little money for each book that is sold. Enjoy!

Can Am Calendar

Can Am calendar

This is a 15 month calendar which is for Oct of 2020 to December of 2021. I have put a full color picture of a Cam Am car from races that I have attended. This is an 8.5" x 11" paperback desktop calendar with 31 pages.

Can Am Journal

Can Am Journal

A 100 page Journal honoring the "Golden Age of Sports Car Racing" This Journal has 100 pages with a picture of a famous Can Am car every 10 pages. Use this as a daily Journal to keep track of appointments or any other activities.

Sports Car Journal

White Hats

Use this 100 page journal to keep track of your everyday sightings of interesting cars.The cover shows one of the most beautiful and iconic cars of all time and it's - WHITE.

I Love Hummingbirds!


Use this 100 page journal to keep track of when your hummingbirds return in the spring. Note how many hummingbirds show daily. Most importantly, let your friends see your new journal that says "I Really Enjoy My Hummingbirds"

Airplanes to Color

Airplane Coloring Book

Airplanes fom around the world to color!

A collection of 30 aircraft which you can color. A Fun Project for aviation fans of all ages. Featuring aircraft from many countries and eras, modern day, World War 2 and private planes.


Dedicated Inactivity!

Dedicated Inactivity

Lazy No - I Prefer Dedicated Inactivity

Journal with 100 lined pages

Fun way to note all the ways to practice Dedicated Inactivity. Perfect way to explain why the vacuuming or yard work did not get done. Adorable kitten showing Dedicated Inactivity at its finest

Harvey at Smilingwombatsales Harvey at Smilingwombat Harvey at Smilingwombat

Ken and Pam Sponsor a Wombat!

Check out our new Protiege - "Harvey the Smiling Wombat"

Follow the adventures of Harvey as he scours the world looking for new things for you to check out!

Harvey now has 3 HOMES, he has been one busy little Wombat. He really wants you to Visit.

So Be Sure to Click on one of his Pictures!